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About Us

Rejuvenation Therapeutics® is a health-centered, science-driven company that strives to extend lifespan and improve overall wellbeing. Within a burgeoning field of dietary supplements and nutritional ingredients, Rejuvenation Therapeutics® stands out with our dedication to scientific evidence and regulatory compliance to ensure that our products are safe, effective, and beneficial.

Health requires a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary approach that encompasses a complete lifestyle. Our company believes in whole-health that incorporates the entire body to ultimately help you live better and longer. We invest in products that boost metabolic functions, enhance natural performance, and support a healthy lifespan.

We value our consumers and strive to help people live the best life possible. Rejuvenation Therapeutics® provides high-quality and potent supplements with exceptional service that you can trust.

Ingredients Powered By Science 

We use only the best ingredients and materials for our entire product. Inside, our vegan-friendly, vegetable capsules contain pure and high-quality ingredients with minimum excipients. This means you get more of the pure ingredients that you want, and less of the extra fillers, to maximize the benefits you expect. While many companies utilize rice-based excipients to fill their capsules, our supplements are completely rice-free to eliminate the risk of trace arsenic. Outside, our BPA-free packaging reflects our drive to protect your health. Every aspect of our products is consciously and responsibly executed with your health in mind.

Quality Assurance

Every step of our supply chain is audited by a third party quality-assurance agent. We verify that our suppliers, manufacturers, and packers abide by responsible business practices that align with our company’s principles. We set high expectations that ensure transparency and honesty to produce the best products possible.

Phenomenal Customer Service

We truly value our customers and we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our customer care center is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm PST. Give us a call with any questions or comments and a representative will be happy to assist you.